A little issue

For your consideration–

Toothpaste– cap back on. 


Like I mentioned in my last post, I’m getting ready to sell my house, and the business of getting it ready for the market is no joke. Countless garbage bags, two trips to goodwill, the handyman on standby, constantly asking myself what else I can get rid of, what else I can scrub. I’m the bee again. But this time it’s only on a 4×4 in canvas, because, let’s be honest, that’s all the space I have available in a crowded studio I’m trying to make look like could potentially be something else entirely. I wonder what the new owners (may they come quickly and painlessly) will do with what has been one of my favorite places. 

I wonder if anyone in the new household will consistently leave the toothpaste resting on the sink, capless, day in and day out. And if the new head of household will find herself navigating such frustration with grace, dignity, and, perhaps, the occasional haiku. 

I wonder….

But that’s it for today. Back to the grind. 

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