“Taking a Break” 4×4, oil on canvas. Buy Now

Here’s the thing– by day 27, I’ve got all these stacks of paintings– some finished, posted pieces and others I just keep fooling around with and not really getting anywhere. 

But sometimes I just can’t finish a painting that feels 98% finished. My work days involve just me. I don’t have a water cooler to go to and talk smack to co-workers about how well my fantasy football team is doing (which is why I suppose I’m telling you that very true fact! Someone must know!). 

So my water cooler is this: today’s painting and the tiny, tiny little birds I so often find myself painting when I need to think about the other stuff. They are my breaks. I can work out some painting issues on them before trying it out on other surfaces and other subjects. Fortunately, after three years, they tend to come quite easily, and they renew my resolve. Without them, I’m afraid I would have skipped many of these 31 days or posted paintings long before they were ready. With only five days left, I’m hoping I can complete a few of the “almosts” in my stacks. But until then, here’s another water cooler painting. 

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