“Road Block” 24×30, oil on canvas $450 Buy Now

I was having issues with several of the paintings I was working on today– a mental roadblock if you will. I had a lot on my mind. So I stopped. I worked on this abstract until I felt better. And then I kept going until it was done. I used only a palette knife, no brush. I tried to let each stroke be distinct, confident. Then I let some walnut oil drip down the bottom half to create some less distinct lines and colors.

What’s interesting is that once I finished this, I started a couple other paintings and they went great. I borrowed some ideas from this one. We’ll see if they come together for days 29 and 30 or if I’m back to square one.

The images below aren’t to scale. But I thought this painting looked pretty great in several different styles of living room.

ohmyprints-28112016-215321 ohmyprints-28112016-215141 ohmyprints-28112016-215044


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