“Follow you anywhere” 11×14, oil on canvas

I’ve talked a good bit about “rules” this month– namely, that I’m working on breaking some of my more rigid ones. Hi, my name is Denise and for all my all natural, spiritual, mantra-saying, kale-eating, yoga-doing, wild hair a flowin’ habits, I am still very much a  rule follower, people pleaser, high expectation setter, others comparerer extraordinaire. If there were recovery groups for such things, I’d be the first to arrive and keep a notebook of all the rules. 

Usually my 31 in 31 has this rule– no wedding paintings or commissions allowed for the daily posts. I don’t know why exactly, except that maybe I don’t consider those my “real” work.

“Real” work is a silly notion, isn’t it? I’m working on it. Step one: walks on the beach are the very “real” work of being inspired, or clearing my head. Step two: sketching, doodling, and other forms of art play are the very real work of figuring things out. Step three: commissions absolutely count.

Today’s painting is a commission from a special collector who gives my paintings frequently as gifts. She’s the easiest person to work with and gives me images that I truly love. If all commissions were like hers, I would take them on more frequently. This painting features someone she calls their “adopted grandma.” I don’t know the story yet, but I think this painting kind of tells it. Yes?

Tell me, friends, what’s a rule you just might break today?

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