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My art supply order finally arrived today! But it wasn’t until after I’d been painting for a while. Given the low supplies, I dug IMG_0239 (1)through a stack in the corner and pulled out this old painting from about four years ago. Four years ago I was painting about once a month instead of once a day. I had also just miscarried twins. A few months prior, I’d had an ectopic pregnancy and a scary emergency room experience.

I stayed inside a lot and when I couldn’t cry anymore I would binge watch netflix televisions shows. I also painted this. When I found it in the stack of old paintings, it brought me back to that time which feels more like decades ago than years. 

Sometimes painting a new painting on an old one is frustrating and sometimes it’s glorious. This one was somewhere in between. I could think of no better image to put on top of this one than the pelican– that symbol of hope that inspired me when things were darkest.


Detail from the original painting. I painted three flowers to represent the three children I lost.

I really do feel like I’m getting a second chance at a lot of things. I’ve written about this before, so this time, I’ll just say that painting is one of those things. And if four years have brought me here, I’m excited to see what’s up ahead.

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