I am grateful for

The girl in a black sweater

Words like buds blooming

Not too long ago, I met someone at a wedding where I was painting. We chatted for a minute about art and casually about life. I gave her a card. 

Later she came to one of my art shows, and we chatted a bit more, this time a step up from small talk and pleasantries. She said she had been reading my blog and connected with some of the more vulnerable posts. 

Here’s the thing– this blog has been as much a part of my art as the paint that hits the canvas. I send it out, often times with uncertainty, many times with fear. I can see the analytics about how many people are reading it, what post is more popular than others, but I don’t really know who reads it and what, if anything, it means to them.

This stranger did wonders for me. I had been questioning whether or not the blog was kind of a dead end– if it mattered at all. And she reminded me why I started it in the first place. She inspired me to keep going with it, even if it never has very many followers– this was never a quantity game. 

Words like buds blooming. 

Today is my third 6×6 sunflower of the month, and I love the little group that has formed. Each approach borrows what I learned from the last and tries something new. 

I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it again when I head out in a few minutes to talk to a group of fourth graders at career day– art is about connection– maker to viewer, hands to mind, soul to soul. 



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