“Bird’s View” 16×20, oil on canvas

I went to Target to look for a mirror to hang in my bathroom. Sometimes when I pass by the home decor section, I do this snobby thing where I turn my nose up at all the mass produced art. But this time there was a print of a bright blue peacock against a coral background and the colors, well, they were just so bold and lovely I could not even bring myself to scoff.  In fact, I think I’ll swear off scoffing.

When I got home, I thought, how can I, too, use those bright blues and oranges that sparked some joy in me? Today’s painting is the result– part representational, part abstract. The bird part got me started, gave me something concrete and specific to grasp onto so I didn’t get lost in endless possibilities and then, having already something solid, I freed myself to play with color and shape. I started another, more abstract version at the same time. In that one, the form of the bird and the focus on just shape and color is more blurred. But I’ll leave the final result for tomorrow.