“Expanded Horizons” 10×10 oil on canvas

This bird has been my mind all month, but I’ve resisted the urge to do 31 paintings of her. I’ve seen several since the start of the month: on a drive where she flew over me for at least a mile and I had to force myself to focus on the road, when I was leaving for a run and just yards from my house and she hovered above me as though ordaining the journey. 

There’s that saying about love: you find it when you stop looking. But maybe it’s not that we stop looking. Maybe it’s more that we find it when we stop looking only in one spot. I stopped seeking out that one Great Blue Heron in that one spot by the train tracks. And without a one track mind, the blinders lifted, and she was everywhere. Probably had been for quite some time.

All 31 coming exclusively to my subscribers list Feb. 1 at 8pm. Make sure you’re on it here.



  1. Greg Molchan

    The circle in this one really draws me in. Not sure why exactly from an emotional perspective. Thinking about composition though, it really helps me to see the heron moving through frame.

    • Denise Hopkins

      Thanks for that, Greg. Really interested in circles right now. They’re emerging everywhere even post January.


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Written by Denise Hopkins

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