“Origami Sky” 30×40, oil on canvasPurchase Details

Unfortunately I don’t have 31 large, unfinished paintings lying around to be worked and re-worked this month because that’s what I’ve done so far, and I definitely like it. I’m almost certain this is my last one and I’ll have to face those glaringly white canvases tomorrow, some of which I’m certain will face some re-working in the next 31 day challenge. Scratch that, it’s day 3. We need not speak of the next 31. Not yet.

The first version.

Today’s painting weighs roughly one thousand pounds because it’s a hold over from when I first started painting full time almost four years ago, and I’ve added thick layers time and time again. It used to be soft and almost entirely grey-blue. I almost sold it twice. When the second collector backed out, I decided to give it an overhaul which didn’t work out so well. So I did it again and again until today, this very last time.

Finally. Even though I’ll need to up the weights in my workouts just to move it across my studio,  it finally feels finished to me. And funny enough I borrowed a lot of the elements in the now-version from a painting I’d done even before this one’s first utterance.

I have a feeling day 4’s painting will be smooth and soft– the natural consequence of painting on an entirely untouched canvas. It will probably weigh less than a pound. And once I find my footing and start making marks on blank surfaces, I think I might just feel lighter, too.

Please share your day 3 in the comments below!

Reminder– all my 31 paintings this month are discounted for two days after they post.

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