“Hey There!” 6×6, oil on canvas

Meet Henry. My precious godson, child of my best friend Robyn. He’s two, independent and a little accident prone. I found the reference photo for this painting on Robyn’s instagram feed. Henry has an older brother, Marc. I did a large portrait of Marc well over a year ago and have been promising a Henry companion for an embarrassingly long time. While this painting doesn’t “count” as his full-on portrait, it is a small token of my appreciation and love for both my godson and my best friend. And I will (maybe soon!) do my “real” portrait of Henry because the second child in me can only picture Marc’s large painting next to this tiny one, evidence of the first born’s inherited importance in the family. I won’t let ya down, Henry!

As I take the tiny first steps in this long 100 painting journey, I’ve caught myself thinking: wow, this is easy! Three days in, and I’m ready to laugh in the face of what used to terrify me. In the beginning, anything is possible. All ninety seven more days can be whatever I want them to be. I’m a child in a candy store with never ending aisles….

And the adult in me is ahead of the game. The next day’s painting finished the day before for three whole days now. Let’s see how long I can keep the momentum.

So I’m putting in writing now, on day 3, some things I’d like to accomplish during this challenge. Because I know the way enthusiasm fades and planning crumbles.

1. I want to get outside. I’m not much of a plein air painter, but I’m dying to try. I don’t want to keep putting it off. I don’t want to be on number 92, and have never gotten outdoors.

2. Portraits from life, not from photos. Which means I need models. I can offer wine or a latte to anyone willing to sit still for me for an hour or so.

3. At least one abstract. I said I’d do it during my September challenge and never seemed to get around to it.

4. Paint large! At least every once in a while. I started off with two big paintings. It’s impossible to complete something that large each day (plus the whole issue of storage until it sells) but I’d love to add to my collection of larger paintings even if I work on them over the course of several days and not just one. I’m taking requests– what images would you like to see large?

Maybe on day 100, I’ll revisit these goals, but until then, I’m basking in the self contentment of running the first mile of a marathon, feeling good, and thinking, well, gee, this is easy!


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