The hardest part is

To start the thing I crave done 

The race long over


31 paintings. 31 days.

I’ve been at this long enough to know I haven’t hit my stride yet. It’s a long race, and I’ve just begun. My legs don’t feel strong yet, my breathing isn’t even, easy. A little strained, a little worried, but still, somehow, mighty confident I’ll get to the end. Because I always do– historical proof that it can be done. 

So I’m nodding a little to what is already a struggle– I see you discomfort and worry and fear. But I also know you are not to me what you once were– all consuming, insurmountable, debilitating. You’re small, really, and a little bit lovely– you only show up when something is important, and for that, I am grateful. 

Today’s little bird is trying not to look too far ahead, nor too far behind. Finding the rhythm of her breath before taking off in flight. 

**All the paintings this month will be available the first week in February. 

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