“Having a Moment” 8×8, oil on canvas, $175.00

I am particularly proud of today’s painting. Each stroke felt strong and intentional. I wasn’t fighting with the paint, I was listening to it. I was having a moment– the kind that are so often few and far between.

So I’m going to relish in it, remember it when the struggle comes back.

Yesterday “school” was a hammock, a blanket, and a chapter book. I’m going to celebrate that, too. My son probably scanned it more than read it. He didn’t do any math or science. But I’m celebrating my ability to let that “count,” to not worry so much about what wasn’t happening. I’m working on letting go a bit, relishing this small success– reading in a hammock, which is pretty much one of life’s truest delights. 

My hope is that this proud little hummer will remind you to relish in your successes too– which I am sure are many if you know where to look for them– perhaps in life’s little nooks and crannies, the places we are used to ignoring.