Oyster Painting by Denise Hopkins. 12x12, oil on canvas

“Oysters” 12×12, oil on canvas, $150 Buy Now

You can tell from the title of this one that I’m getting a little burned out. It’s the “Oh, sure’s” that are haunting me. Back when I envisioned a 100 day painting challenge, it was nothing but “oh, sure, you can handle that” and “oh, sure, you’ll have enough time/ideas/stamina/supplies/energy”. My self-talk is always preemptively optimistic.

Today, I’ve got three paintings nearly done (preparing for another busy weekend with limited studio time), but this is the one I opted to finish today because I needed a rest from the others. And even though I’m tired, even though I don’t even want to look at a paintbrush for at least another twenty-four hours, I can say two things about it– I both like it and enjoyed making it.

I was attempting a portrait on Fridays– my so-called humans of Louisiana. And I have one going. It just wasn’t going to get done today and rather than go without a day 38, I figured I’d finish this one, the one that could be finished without blood and tears. I’ll save those for tomorrow.

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