“All is Well” 6x6in, watercolor on paper, $125.00

Oh, beautiful, frustrating, delightful, surprising, watercolor. Hey there, how have you been? 

This morning I reunited with a very old friend. I had to blow the dust off my supplies, gently coax the dried up paints back to life with a lot of water. I retrained my hands on how to hold a brush (something I’ve not picked up since beginning this daily painting practice). My painting was awkward at first. The eye of the bluebird turned into a black hole that consumed most of the head. But I was uncharacteristically patient and the watercolor gods rewarded me with an overwhelming sense that all would be well– even if it wasn’t. 

And that’s the lesson I heard this bird (and all the bluebirds I’ve been watching lately) whisper to me: All will be well even when it isn’t. Keep going. Keep learning. Keep loving with all your awkward, clumsy little self.

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