This whole watercolor thing started because I wanted to give myself some time away from my studio to clean it out, declutter, reorganize. What’s actually transpired is that I’ve shut the door to the messy studio and settled into my desk in the sunroom. Out of sight out of mind.

The task is daunting. I am overwhelmed by the work that is to be done. Having envisioned breaking it down into one small de-cluttering task a day, I’ve wholly and unabashedly procrastinated.

Monday. On Monday my son goes back to school after what feels both like a two year and a two second holiday break. On Monday, I will open the door to the studio, take a deep breathe and get to the daunting task before me. I am more comfortable making messes than managing them, but I am certain that being uncomfortable is the price we pay for growth. The watercolors have taught me this. What once felt awkward, forced, and silly has now become peaceful, meditative, maybe even a little enjoyable.

I hope you enjoy today’s little bird. I feel like I turned a corner with it when it comes to understanding the medium. Fingers crossed I can do the same in my studio.

All the watercolors from this month will be framed and available on my site early February. 

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