“Sound Keeps Coming” 6×6, oil on canvas $125, free shipping

I once spent an entire January writing so-so haikus every morning over coffee. They felt like the poetry you write before you write poetry– a warmup, an exercise, a nice little stretch. 

And then I stumble across haiku that, in those few little syllables, jolts me–a hand reaching through my chest and in a second’s time offering a little flick, middle finger from thumb straight at my heart. 

I saw this haiku on one of my friend’s instagram feeds last night as I scrolled through post after post of scary coronavirus warnings, charts, pleas, and worries. 

My little world is closing for business– my church, my restaurants, my social gatherings, my meals with extended family. So, for now, I’m taking pause. I’m listening to the sound of flowers. 

Is there a poem, song, or quote that gets you through the hard times? Would you consider sharing it with me in the comments?