“In Every Direction” 10×10, oil on canvas, $300.00

Just few things. 

1. I just realized this cool vase looks like a pineapple. I’m okay with that!

2. I ran out of yellow paint. I use only primary colors and a few neutrals and mix everything else so this was a real travesty. My local art store was closed. Ordering takes a week, at least. I tried to create the painting just using raw sienna, which is a gold enough brown I thought I could create something green-like. It was a disaster. Eventually I did Michael’s curbside pickup– yellow felt pretty essential. Getting that tube of yellow–well, I was happier than a pig in slop. And you know, I never really appreciated a tube of yellow paint before. 

3. This arrangement is me. All over the place. Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, I sold my house and should close on it in a week or two. Early on in this adventure, I shared that my original buyers backed out, and I was devastated. Somehow I got a new buyer soon after, and I’m cautiously optimistic. All this means I am moving. The boxes are endless. My back hurts from lifting furniture. I’ve got paintings in two houses and I’m doing my very best to ship them out as timely as I can. If you’ve bought something lately, THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE! 

That’s it for today, folks. How are you holding up? Anyone feel a little scattered, a little all over the place as we shelter in place?