This was the painting I’d planned for last Friday, but it took a little longer than I expected. It’s a 16×20, oil on canvas. I used only a palette knife. Here’s a little interview with the adorable subject:

Bravest thing he’s done:

“Ride Seven Dwarves Mine Train. It was pretty cool when they were singing ‘Hi Ho.'”

Favorite thing:

“Playing with Daddy and Mommy. I pick out the best games, and I’m happy that [they]¬†sometimes win.”


detail of the portrait

What he would do if he were in charge of the world:

“I would be a police cop, and if y’all were doing something bad and there were no other police cops around, I wouldn’t shoot y’all.”

What he thinks about being a big brother:

“I’m more excited than anything in the world, more than all the planets, more than all the universes, more than all the galaxies.”

Most important thing he needs to do for his brother:

“Teach him how to be brave. If Logan wasn’t brave, then he couldn’t be an astronaut and meteoroids would crash down straight at him.”

Why music is so cool:

“Music’s so popular it makes me want to sing with it.”

Why it’s important to be nice:

“If you weren’t nice to people they could hurt your feelings and interrupt you if you’re telling a story.”

On how to make spaghetti:

“You just get some noodles and get some tomato sauce and squirt it and you get some meatballs. It needs to be Japan noodles. Japan noodles are the smooth ones that are actually round and yellow and small-small.”

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