Pelican Painting by Denise Hopkins

“Flawed” 24×36, oil on (torn) canvas $375.00   Buy Now

I love painting on brand spankin’ new canvases. There’s something clean and fresh about it. But sometimes I get the urge to paint over an old painting knowing the textures underneath bring challenges and difficulties but also possibility. Some of my best paintings are because of the failed paintings underneath.

I’ve had a large painting in my bedroom for about two years now. It was itself a painting over a painting. For weeks now, I’ve looked at it before going to sleep and thought about what I would like to paint on top of it. I created it when I was really into collage– I’d put bits of glass or paper all over a canvas, securing them with the paint itself.

I thought I might like to build over the collage elements as I worked today, but towards the end, I found many of them distracting and went to work removing them. Which, apparently, is not easy to do.

That’s when what’s pictured to the right happened. That’s right, a big ole hole.IMG_0882

Which devastated me, because even though tomorrow I might be far less enthused, today, I love this painting.

I’m not exactly sure what one does in situations like these, so I did what might be completely shady or downright brilliant. I patched it. Given the painting still had just a bit of collage, I thought I’d add yet another bit. I found another old painting, cut out a section of the canvas and collaged it right over the hole.

I’m assuming the experts would find this wildly inappropriate, but, I’m no expert on such things and am fully disclosing this painting’s flaw (or perhaps added character?).

If you’re interested in this painting, I promise I will refund you the entire amount should its little flaw ever become more evident or prove a problem in the future.


Larger view of the painting before I covered its hole.

I can’t help but laugh even as I type this. I’m wondering what other mishaps await me in my 56 more days of painting.