figure painting by Denise Hopkins

“Summer” 5×7, oil on gessobaord

For a while, I’ve been telling Ezra that we can’t go to the pool because it’s not summer yet. Almost. So when we made our first pool trip last week he said, “Is it summer now?”

When I started my 100 in 100 in April, I knew theoretically the challenge would take me through seasons. That I’d maybe have to cut some pool trips short to make it back to finish a painting or two.

But as it’s actually happening¬†now, and I’m realizing more and more that this was never about 100 paintings. It’s always been about a lifestyle– 100 days as an exercise to make my life’s work include daily painting. Not a crash diet but that lifestyle-change kind.

I’m still struck sometimes by how much I love my life and the people in it. Little paintings like this remind me.

This one is based on a photograph I took of Ezra on the lakefront recently. There’s a little area with fountains that spray water from the ground. He was shy at first, but soon jumped right in and had the time of his life. I’ve recently discovered an artist that I really love, David Shevlino. His figure paintings are gorgeous and he’s done a couple that include children in motion. This little study was my attempt to learn from him. I’d like to keep trying.