“Is it almost ready? When are we going to be there? This is taking forever! Are we there yet!?” I get these almost daily. About dinner. About the one hour drive from the house we are moving out of to the one we are moving into. About the zoom doctor’s visit we had on the computer. About when 4 o-clock/screen time can commence and the drudgery can end. 

I see the adult version of this too. We’re getting tired. We’re in the backseat of some road trip we never really wanted to go on in the first place. We keep hearing things like “soon” or a never ending sequence of ten more minutes when really the drivers haven’t been to where we’re going and they don’t really know. The adult version of passing the time hitting our sister or complaining that “she keeps looking at me” is online vitriol at whoever dares disagree with what we think is best right now. It’s easy to invent conspiracy theories when you’re trapped in a car. 

I don’t have answers, but I’m one inclined to listen to the experts, do my part as best I can, and try to paint my way through all this fear. “Love your neighbor” is my mantra right now. 

Today’s painting is the third part of a three piece commission centered around this very special tree. Check out my last two posts for the other two which feature the family’s daughters in the tree. This series has had me thinking a lot about childhood– how our kids are handling all this, how we’re acting and feeling like kids. For me and it seems for many of you, nature seems to be a shining light. I’m trying to watch the birds in the trees as much as I watch netflix– the sunlight dancing through the leaves as much as mario racing yoshi. There’s no zen-like state that will make it all end, but acceptance and love can go a long way as we wait to get to where we’re going.