musicians by Denise Hopkins

“Play on” 12×12, oil on 1.5in canvas, $150.00   Buy Now

I didn’t take any art classes until college. When I started, I wasn’t allowed to take painting until I’d fulfilled some drawing and design requirements. I could hardly wait. I wanted to paint.

And then it happened, and it felt like it’s what I was supposed to be doing all along. Around my junior year, I started a series of scenes from New Orleans. One afternoon, circa 2002, I wondered around the French Quarter with my mom, taking pictures I’d planned on turning into paintings. These two guys were playing music outside of Jackson Square, and they made it into quite a few early paintings. For day 46, I thought I’d revisit them.

I used mostly a brush on this one, but then came back with the palette knife to “mess it up” a bit. I finished with a tiny brush (one I almost never use) to create the red lines that run throughout. I’m liking the brush/knife combo. I’ve got a live painting at a wedding reception tonight, and I just might use a similar technique.