“To Begin, Begin” 36×48, oil on canvas

I’m “cheating”. This is an older painting that somehow disappeared from my site. I’m adding it back today and calling it day 47. I’m taking a little break from the daily paintings to get organized (ha!) and work on some shipping. But I’ll still be posting a few commissions and some older paintings that never hit the site. 

It’s one of my favorite large paintings, and I framed it in a gold floater that I adore. This painting was hanging in my living room until very recently when I packed it all up and headed for the coast. 

I’ve titled it from one of my favorite Wordsworth quotes– “To begin, begin”. I get overwhelmed by projects big and small. I thought this egret, caught taking a step, was the perfect reminder that sometimes we just have to take a step– make the first stroke, pack the first box, say the first sentence. Little tasks add up. I’m a firm believer in just beginning.