crawfish painting by Denise Hopkins

“Celebrate” 6×6, oil on canvas, $75 Buy Now

Last weekend,  we celebrated my new niece and goddaughter’s baptism with a crawfish boil. It got me in the mood to paint crawfish again and as everyone ate, I carefully placed lonely crawfish on the table and photographed them to use as a reference for some paintings.


Ezra enjoying the crawfish


We love our newest family addition.

I was also thinking of companion pieces to the little shrimp I did at the beginning of this challenge. There is a 6×6 oyster in the works.

The blue lines were a last minute decision, and I think they really pull it all together.

I’m approaching the fifty day mark in this 100 day challenge and there are a few things I’d really like to focus on going forward. Writing them down gives them a much better chance of taking place, so here goes:

1. Finish the commissioned pieces I’ve got in the works

2. Finish the abstracts I’ve started or at least create one abstract and be willing to post it

3. Make more time lapse videos of paintings!

4. At least one more plein air outing


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