“The Casual Violinist” 10×10 oil on canvas, $125 Buy Now

This is another one based on those old photographs I took of New Orleans street musicians. I remember showing it to my art professor in college– she found the photo particularly interesting. She said this man belongs in a tux and instead he’s playing next to a trashcan in faded blue jeans.

I went back and forth on this one. Part of my wants to “erase” all the background and make it simpler like the others in the series. But then I think, how could I get rid of the trashcan. Isn’t it important to the scene somehow?

I’m starting to find a rhythm (pun very much intended) with this new series. It goes a little something like this– work on musician paintings until I want to pull my hair out. Start a painting with something familiar and comfortable. Go back to the musician paintings.

If you missed them, here are the others so far. Still working on a few more in the series.

french quarter musicians. palette knife painting by Denise Hopkins musicians by Denise Hopkins

“Play On” 12×12 $150.00                                  “Day Job” 6×6 $75.00