“Breaks” 6x6, oil on canvas, $125

During homeschool, my son will typically ask for a break after brushing his teeth and before any tasks have been assigned. It’s good to take breaks, but, as I tell him, they feel even better when they are hard earned. 

On day 50 I decided to take a break. I was doing the hour drive back and forth from my old house to the new, each time with more boxes than I thought possible. I had turned the new dining room into a shipping center, and I was tired. 

All that is done now. I’m on the verge of settled and I miss my paints. I always think it a good idea when getting back into a practice, to start with something familiar– to ease back into it. 

That’s why I picked a cardinal for today. One of my all-time favorite subject matters. I learn more about painting every time I take one on, and this one, well, it might just be my favorite.

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