“Rest Here Awhile” 4×4, oil on canvas, $80.00

My mother’s day was so good yesterday I decided to give myself the day off from both painting and posting. Now that we’re up into the 50s, the little breaks are becoming more and more essential. We spent the day at the beach and my little chickadee, who started the day with a bonafide BADITUDE ended it kayaking with a huge smile on his face and resucing his whole crew from a lone jellyfish he scooped up in his net.

I’ll never forget some of the best parenting advice I got. I was a new mom, my baby was never happy and wouldn’t sleep, I was going through something awful ,and I just didn’t know what to do. The therapist sitting across from me kind of shrugged and said, “the best thing about parenting is you can always try again tomorrow. Just because something didn’t work today, or something went wrong, doesn’t mean you’re doomed forever.”

I left that meeting and tried a new sleep training method. When it didn’t go well, I tried again. It went well. Little things are sometimes just that. Mountain-out-of-a-molehill is my natural inclination, but I’m in recovery.

It’s the same, of course, with painting. You can always do it better but the missteps don’t require end-of-the-world level panic. I just try again tomorrow. And tomorrows have a way of adding up.

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