A new rowdy week

Begins, as it always does

Mountains in distance 

After day one, I thought I might see what it would be like to interpret the same image in both watercolor and oil. It took me until day 6, but I’ve done it, and there is something so satisfying about it. This one is 6×6, and done entirely with a palette knife.

I’ve had a long weekend– I painted at two weddings, one of which was out of town, and I got my heart broken at the Saints game where I wore my lucky gold sequin skirt and put my very best gris gris on those blasted Vikings. I went to bed last night before 8pm. I woke up around 7. And even with those eleven glorious hours of sleep, Monday is hitting me hard.  

I tried to take a couple of deep breaths before making my to-do list, but truth is breathing itself is easier now that it’s complete (not the tasks, of course, just the list!). 

I will say today’s painting has brought a little peace. It’s stirred up some lovely memories of my time at LSU where I met some A+ humans, like my friend Greg, a photographer who has been participating in this 31 day challenge for years now. (You can and should definitely check out his work here.)

Back then, I had no idea how to answer the question “What are you going to do with that?” asked to me, on the regular, about my English degree. 

I wonder what people would have said if I told them I was going to paint?