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Last night I dreamed I spoke my mind to someone I never speak my mind to, and I’m wondering if sometimes we get to practice in our dreams, a rehearsal of sorts. I must admit in the dream I did not live up to the mantra I’ve borrowed from Brene Brown. I was very much puffed up (kind of like the bird I painted). 

I’m trying my best to stay one day ahead on my paintings this month. So yesterday, while I was waiting for the photos of musicians to come in (see yesterday’s post for details), I decided to paint this little kingfisher, a bird I was introduced to in the first 30 in 30 challenge I did in April of 2014 (anyone remember that one!?)– the one that launched this strange and beautiful foray into full-time artist. For me the kingfisher painting has always been a stop sign– a moment to reflect on where I’ve started and where I’ve come. I’ve got a lot of thoughts on it, but they are still brewing. I’m hoping they might materialize in my dreams and I’ll have something more substantial to report to you in the upcoming days.