“Muddy Waters” 10x10, oil on canvas, $300.00

Today’s painting is of the Tchefuncte River– that special place where cypress trees reach their long trunks into the muddy waters that hold a mirror up to them. Form and reflection touching where land meets water. It is a place of my childhood memories, a little refuge on weekdays when it’s calm and peaceful. 

On day 61, I’m going to pull back (just a little) from the daily paintings. I’ll still be posting a lot, just not every day and my blog entries will no longer start with numbers. 

We aren’t through with any of this, not yet, and painting will continue to be how I manage my anxiety during this pandemic. I’m just going to space them out a little more, work on some bigger pieces, and find a new little rhythm. What paintings do you most want to see in the next month or two?

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