“Just Because” 8×8 oil on canvas

In the past, when stuck, I would paint a small bird on a small canvas. But now I turn to slightly larger canvases of flowers. Because you don’t have to get their shapes just right. There are no eyeballs that if misplaced will throw the whole thing up in flames. Because, other than my teenage self (see day 3), I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like them. Because they respond well to texture, and some mornings I just need to lay it on thick (I always say I like to paint like I like to give compliments— has anyone told you you’re an absolute miracle today?). Because color. 

I could go on, but I won’t. I’m hoping these make it onto somebody’s head in a future painting.

One week down, three to go. If you are doing this challenge with me, I hope it won’t sound trite to say I’m just so proud of you and inspired by you. Thank you for making my studio time less lonely.

All my paintings from the month will be available February 3 at the gallery and online February 6.



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Written by Denise Hopkins

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