“Riotous Roots” 9×12, oil on paper, available soon. 


My day 7 is the next in a series started on day 6 inspired by a member of this 31 day group who is practicing yoga daily. Another member of the group, Gretchen, is a skilled watercolor artist. On day 3 she posted a gorgeous image of winter trees and started her blog with the following Rumi quote:

“And don’t think the garden loses its ecstasy in winter. It’s quiet, but the roots are down there riotous” 

I’ve written/scribbled those words into the background of this painting of a yogi in tree pose. I am learning, slowly, how to be still. How to spend a little more time with my paintings instead of constantly rushing them along. This yoga painting series, though still so brand new, is teaching me to sit with some of the strokes for a while. 

In her blog, Gretchen wrote,

Its been a deep freeze here for a week now, the kind of cold that is ridiculous.  Outside at night  the sounds of the cold tree branches swaying and the clear, cold sky above make me realize there is beauty even in the frigid air and freezing limbs.. There is beauty and growth even when everything seems still and immoveable. There is clarity and an excitement for the potential that lay dormant.  

I’m working this month on letting myself experience the clarity and excitement of pure potential and not just finished pieces. Until tomorrow– Namaste. 






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