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No surprises here, but I read a lot of parenting books, a lot of which can be summarized by this: you aren’t perfect. How you handle your struggles and shortcomings can teach your kids as much as your flashes of glory. Kids aren’t perfect either. They watch closely how we handle difficult situations.

Ever watch a great blue heron on a lake or swamp? They do a whole lot of waiting. They keep a watchful eye on the water and then, when the moment is right, they thrust their sharp bills into the water. Sometimes they come up with a catch, but many times, I’ve seen them fail. So they wait some more, and try again.

Today’s inspiration is from Rebecca who, like the heron, is persistent. With her kids watching how she manages her goals, she chooses to be brave. Rebecca:

What’s the bravest thing I’ve ever done? Is it having my kids, is raising them in the world we live in today with such violence, aggression, entitlement? Is it marriage as we constantly suffer ups and downs? I think we all face challenges that require us to show courage and bravery from time to time and even in many of our daily tasks.

Most recently, at age 32, I decided to go back to school. I have wanted to go back since I graduated the first time around. I am a registered nurse, and, don’t get me wrong, I am really proud of it. But when someone asks where I got my BSN I want to crawl into my shell. Instead of pursuing and completing my BSN, I changed schools in the middle of my degree and went to charity school of nursing on the advice of fellow nurse. I was told that they wanted to work next to a Charity grad because they get more hands on experience. Yet, this degree left me incomplete and embarrassed. It was only an associate’s degree. After 10 years, I decided to put myself out there and finish what I started. I decided to go back to school! Wow, and what a learning curve! I mean, my experience has been great but every moment has been daunting. I was scared the first day and still get scared but I am doing it. I am doing it with my kids watching. And I am doing it well! My kids are so proud and yet so over all my school work! I am 3 semesters in and have to say I am doing better this go around than the first time. Is it age? Is it because I know my kids are watching me, and I want them to know they can go back to school and do anything? I think right now this is the bravest thing I’m am doing. Facing something I have always wanted, doing it for my myself and my children, and actually succeeding!


Yes, yes, yes. I’m still looking for more stories of bravery. Please E-mail me at [email protected].

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