As promised, here’s the second whooping crane from the original painting (see day 7). I imagine the two being displayed together once they are framed, but I’m open to them going their separate ways. I like today’s painting better than yesterday’s. I was tempted to skip yesterday’s all together and go straight to this one, but I held off so as not to sabotage myself. And yesterday’s, given some space, is definitely growing on me. I’ll need to use all my paintings if I’m going to make it to 31.

Yesterday’s painting

Speaking of lots of paintings (how’s that for a transition?) I made hundreds in 2018. It was my most productive year to date, and I’m ready to take its lessons into the new year. If you’ve enjoyed my work lately or just feel like lending a helping hand, would you consider voting in the Northshore’s Best survey? It takes about two minutes. You just click this link, scroll down to the “People” category and type my name under “artist”.

If you’re able, thanks so much! And if not, no big. I’m most grateful just that you are reading this blog, following along as I navigate this art stuff.

Until tomorrow!