“In the Stillness” 6×6, oil on canvas, $135.00


 After yesterday’s “no” painting, I wanted to consider my “yes’s”. What do my “no’s” open me up to? 

I started today’s painting with a canvas full of yes. The “yes’s” are fewer and more deliberate than the “no’s.” They are bigger, they take up more space on the canvas. 

By saying no to certain things, by doing a little less, I am saying yes to my own well being. I haven’t been on an airplane in ages, but I’m trying to put my own mask on before assisting others. I don’t like the burnt out version of me. I’d rather give my children (and everyone else for that matter) ten minutes of the energized me than 1000 of the running-on-empty me. I’m rethinking self-care as an act of deep and abiding love– you are worth my true self; I am worth my true self. 

Day 8 is just one great blue heron, not two. Day 8 is yes! to breathing, to taking breaks, to being gentle, and to being kind. Day 8 is sitting in stillness, watching, waiting, recharging (without an ounce of guilt). 

I want to continue to start some of my paintings with a word or words I can reflect on during the process. What’s a single word, phrase, mantra, song, or poem that inspires, delights, amazes or challenges you? Please let me know in the comments. I will be using some of them in future paintings.