Cardinal painting by Denise Hopkins

“I See You” 10×10, oil on canvas $125 Buy Now

I’ve been using a palette knife almost exclusively now. Almost to the point of thinking, maybe, just maybe I could define myself by it: Denise Hopkins, palette knife painter, Denise Hopkins, now offering palette knife workshops.

And then something happens. I’m not sure what. And I pick up the brush. I’m happy. I want to use a brush.

Although I’m searching to define what it is exactly that I do (mostly so I can describe it to strangers who ask what type of art I make), for now I’ll attempt to continue, even on day 85, to think about it. I can always just say I paint birds.

I wanted to do this cardinal because Ezra’s really into them these days. A few weeks away from three years old, and he can point out which ones are male and which are female. Oh, that kid.

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