egret painting by Denise Hopkins


“Took Wing to Fly” 10×10, oil on canvas $125.00 Buy Now

The title of this one comes from a poem I love. It’s not one you’ve probably heard before, and I’ll be sharing it here on my blog on day 100. I think you’ll like it too. I read it just when I needed that last push to finish out these 100 days. And it somehow validated everything I’ve been doing.

Today’s painting is mostly done with a brush, but I was foolhardy towards the end and put some red strokes down at the bottom where they just didn’t belong. I scraped them off with my palette knife and enjoyed what started to happen. Thus, I present a brush/palette knife combo painting for day 87.

I’m going out of town again tomorrow, but, no worries, I’ve got the next three days covered 🙂


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