Discovery, 8×10, acrylic on gessoboard

This one is based on a photograph I took of Ezra a couple months ago.  It was dusk, and he was discovering the leaf blower.  The sunlight was fading but shining so perfectly on him that I took about one hundred pictures on my phone trying to capture it.  I’m not sure I ever did, and I’m not sure how I feel about this painting.  I’d like to revisit it with oils, use looser strokes and less precise edges.  I want to capture the moment more than the image.

I’ve gotten a few mother/child photos from people and am eager to go back to my “little madonna” series.  I started one today but just couldn’t seem to get it going.  I’ve wiped the canvas twice already.  Not sure what’s holding me back.  Some days I’m present and some days it feels like work.  The difference is that this time when it feels like work, I’m not giving up.  Well, I’m giving up for now, but I’m going to revisit the image again.  Tomorrow.