This is what I’ve learned so far on my 23rd day of daily watercolor painting.

  1. You paint with the water and the paper as much as you do with the actual paints– this oil painter had no idea.
  2. At least I’m not an Atlanta fan
  3. I didn’t start out on January 1st with the intention of painting football paintings– the thought has never even crossed my mind. It just happened, and I can’t seem to stop (mostly because it’s therapy from that atrocious no-call I can’t quite let go of). This is the beauty of a 31 in 31– a small devotion engenders new paths you didn’t see coming.
  4. I’m still going to paint birds and I’m still going to use oil and a palette knife. I feel myself longing for both already. But there’s a lot of water color exploration left in me too.
  5. I still have so much to learn about painting
  6. I’ll always love a good sack– especially if it’s on Matt Ryan.