“Fight or Flight” 30×24, oil on canvas $337.00 Buy Now SOLD


I started this pelican painting weeks ago, and just like the last piece I wrote about, it started off magically.  In mere moments I had shapes and colors I loved.  


Again, I took the palette knife to it, layering on scoops and globs of paint, then smoothing them out across the canvas until that original painting disappeared.

Then it just sat in the corner of the studio until yesterday when I decided it needed to be finished and then today when I did the work of finishing it.

I’m happy with the result but thinking about resting the palette knife for a while in an attempt to be more graceful and fluid in some of my upcoming paintings. Today, in a kickboxing class at the gym, I noticed how aggressive my “air punches” were getting.  I didn’t feel angry but strong, imagining all the BS of the last two years and giving it a swift punch in the face.  Liberating. Watching myself in the mirror, however, was nothing short of comical.

Which is all very similar to using a palette knife instead of a brush.  I imagine there are some painters who use the palette knife gently, but for me it is all power, fury, swift punches and scratches to the poor, innocuous canvas.

Maybe I’m projecting, but this final version’s got a strength to it I imagine comes out of the fight that was painting it.

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