pelican in flight 2

Fly Away Pelican 2 6×6 oil on canvas $75 SOLD

Okay.  Another pelican painting.  Expect a lot of them this month.  I rode the causeway early yesterday morning and was greeted by six pelicans flying in the opposite direction.  This is rare.  I never see more than two flying together and even a couple is odd.  I don’t know the science of pelicans, but I’ve observed them to be lonely, purpose-driven birds.  Of course, I told the pack hello. Audibly.

I’m excited about this painting because it marks my return to oils.  Years ago I painted with them exclusively and then abandoned them when my studio space decreased and clean up became more of a chore.  I didn’t realize I’d missed them at all until, on a whim, I pulled them out of their plastic drawer, blew the dust off a few of the tubes and went for it.  Ah.  It was like having coffee with an old friend– a little awkward at first because so much had changed but then, yep, right where we left off.