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Heron 3, 6×6, oil on gessoboard, $75, Buy Now

Three days left of my 30 in 30 painting challenge, and I’m wondering what’s going to happen May 1.  I can’t imagine breaking the streak, but I also have six commissions to work on.  Hmmmmm.  I’m working on a blog post about what I’ve learned through the experience of painting consistently for thirty days, and if I ever find the time to finish it, I’ll be eager to share.

One of the reasons I picked April for my painting a day is because I knew it would be a crazy month, and it stood to reason that if I could paint every day in April, I could paint every day.  Period.  This month has brought my ten year college reunion (one I missed but was able to get a glimpse of by visiting dear college friends the following week); the birth of Marie, the daughter of some pretty amazing friends;  heavy and exhausting legal issues I’ll spare the details of, a shower for my sister who is getting married in June, Easter festivities, and well, just the day-to-day of raising a spirited one year old.  I’m humbled by the generosity and support of family and friends who helped me paint every day AND still participate in the life all around me.

In a moment of quiet reflection and gratitude, I wanted to revisit the heron today.  I opened the window in my “studio” (a very multifunctional space) and listened to the birds instead of pandora.  It was as quiet and peaceful as a heron.

This one is more colorful than I originally intended, but I’m enjoying the brightness of the colors against the more subtle, more contemplative bird.


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