“Long Road Ahead” 24×24, oil on canvas, $300.00 Buy Now SOLD

Day 15 is the first day I’ve entertained the thought I knew would come: What in the world am I doing? 100!? This is already my third pelican. I still have 85 more paintings to go…does the world itself contain enough imagery to fill my 100 days? Ha.

I’ve bitten my already-bitten nails. Had two cappuccinos daily instead of just one. Lay awake well into the night taking breaks from words with friends to pour over pinterest art and recipes. 

All this has lead me to this metaphor: In 2012 I moved back to my hometown of Mandeville after six years of apartment hopping in New Orleans. 100 paintings in 100 days is like driving the causeway bridge. And I’m just at the first mile marker (okay not even close to the first one if each mile is a painting, but still). When I think about going to New Orleans, it feels like an easy drive (plus there are always pelicans to watch, carefully, of course) but the repetitive bumpity bump of the bridge starts to get to me after a while and I long to be across, back in the city I never thought I’d leave. What waits for me there is the pearl of great price– the friends I love dearly, the restaurants I adore, and the bumpy roads and potholes I just don’t seem to mind.

I started this project because I knew there was something great waiting for me at the end of it. On day 15, I can already see progress, growth. On day 15, I’m already a bit weary. On day 15, I’m looking forward to the next mile marker. One step closer to what I know will be worth the drive.

Tomorrow, I’m driving the causeway (Lord, it’s been a while!) to visit two of my best friends in my favorite city. Hopefully day 16’s painting will be a breeze so as not to keep me.


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