resting pelican painting

4×4 pelican painting from earlier this year

I’m enjoying my labor day right– a Cat Island Coffeehouse cappuccino on the wrap around porch that overlooks the Gulf. Pelicans graced the skies on my ride over. We nodded hello.

But I’m not exactly resting because there’s labor ahead: this October I’m doing 31 paintings in 31 days. I’m doing the thing that has always kept me in the game. In fact, it got me in the game to begin with.

Last week, I re-read all my blog posts from my very first painting-a-day challenge back in April of 2014. A lot has changed. A lot remains.

I’m curious what this round will bring. Every round brings something.

If you want to join me– do something, anything, for thirty-one days in a row– just leave a comment on this post. I’ve created a Facebook group where you can share your 31 days. And what if you fail? What if you only do twenty out of thirty-one days? I dare say that is twenty more paintings/poems/photgraphs/yoga classes/walks/ meditations/you-fill-in-the-blank that you would have done other wise.

Ritual is powerful. I’m looking forward to laboring through October with you. See you soon.