“Lacey and Paul” 24x30in. Wedding guests can order a print here


IMG_5273This is how a painting starts. At this point, I had a good feeling about this reception, but what transpired was really unexpected. Let’s start with the venue.

This was my first time to paint at the breath-takingly beautiful Windsor Court. The space is not huge. The ceilings are not soaring. It’s intimate and oozing with elegance. 





Can you believe it? Birds!


IMG_5265When I walked in, the first thing I noticed, of course, was the birds. I knew immediately this would be my kind of wedding. Bella Blooms Floral completely rocked the arrangements and flowers. They told me it was their first time using birds in the decor, and after they scanned my instagram, noted we were a perfect match– bird centerpieces meet bird lover/painter. I was in heaven.

Mise En Place Events coordinated the entire beautiful event. They were rockstars. And I haven’t even gotten to the couple yet. Drop dead gorgeous comes to mind. 

 If you think you’ve been to a New Orleans wedding before, I guarantee you this one will outdo it. 




Wedding Surprises…


Version 2Let’s start with surprise guest Rockin Dopsie whom the maid of honor secretly arranged to show up mid-way through the night and sing a few songs with the band. He was off the charts, leaving everyone wanting more and reassuring them that they’d meet again at Jazz Fest.

It doesn’t stop there. When all was said and done and the most energetic of guests were wiping sweat from their brows from dancing so hard, a second line began out on the street led by none other than a group of Mardi Gras Indians. 

Another wedding painting adventure in the record books. I dare you to tell me there’s better place to get married than New Orleans. Go on, I’m waiting. 



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