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Fifteen Minutes.

I paint at weddings. What you don’t see is the back of my 2007 Honda CRV loaded up with my gear– easel, light, table, paint, extension cord, etc. I’m not the most organized; I’m not the best packer. But somehow I manage to load my car, unload it at the venue (sometimes parking is convenient, sometimes it’s not), and load it back up and empty all back into my house. I do this process on the regular.

Which is why it’s so odd when the day is gorgeous, the birds are chirping, and all I want is to get outside to paint, that my inner dialogue goes something like this:

It’s lovely. I should paint outside today.

Nah, too much work getting everything outside. Such a pain. Just paint where it’s already set up.


I’m happy to report that today I beat the voice of resistance. In fifteen minutes my outdoor studio was set and ready to go. Fifteen minutes. I spend longer than that reading the comments on controversial political memes on facebook when I should be writing an E-mail. I spend longer browsing Amazon Prime for stuff I don’t really need (In fact typing that sentence just reminded me that I wanted to see if Amazon had this green tea with coconut water I got at Whole Foods once. They do! I took a fifteen minute break from typing this blog post to order some).

My point is that in a twenty-four hour day, fifteen minutes is nothing. I usually spend more energy thinking about why something is too difficult, too involved, than it would take to just do it.
I think I’m ready for my November 2016 Painting a Day.

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