Blue Madonna, Mother and Child

Blue Madonna, Mother and Child 12×24 acrylic on canvas $225 SOLD

This Madonna emerged after layers and layers of lines and textures– I set out not to create a work of art but to pray.  It started as a horizontal painting, the lines across it vertical, full of tension and confusion.  When the image of mother and child started to take shape in my imagination, I turned the painting to a vertical orientation.  The lines created in tension calmed when they became horizontal and visually connect mother and child as though the two are bound together by a series of taut strings.  The two bodies dissolve into bolder, less constrained lines at the bottom of the painting and again mother and child are tied together, this time with a ribbon.

I’m still thinking about what it means to be a mom, what it means to believe in a God who was born of a woman.  But in this painting, I relate not to the mother but the child.  I’m tired and finding rest in this image, this idea.