Egret Flying by Denise Hopkins


“Across Distance” 20x20x1.5, oil on canvas $280.00 Buy Now

I really enjoy abstract paintings. My instagram feed is filled with the abstract paintings of artists I admire (that and bird photographs, of course). I sometimes try abstracts myself and for whatever reason, they just don’t seem to come out the way I plan. It isn’t until I add a little bird that the background really starts to take shape.

That’s what happened today when I decided to revisit this painting: Abstract painting by Denise Hopkins

It’s alright I suppose, but when I put in that egret, I was able to rework the entire painting such that (I think/hope) were the egret to disappear, it would be an infinitely better abstract than the original version.

I have a similar painting that needs reworking. It’s abstract mostly, but it does indeed have a bird in it. I’m thinking tomorrow’s challenge will be to turn that one into a true abstract, the reverse of today’s agenda. Get rid of the bird instead of adding one and see what happens.

We’ll see.

Blue Heron painting by Denise Hopkins

Tomorrow’s possible challenge: Turn this one into a true abstract. No more heron.