“Resurface” 24×36, oil on canvas $420.00 Buy Now

A lot of my past blog posts have been about searching for my “thing”. What do I do besides paint a whole lot birds? If I’ve got a thing, this painting is it: Taking an old canvas, a failed painting. Letting it sit, simmer sometimes for years. Then pick it up again when the brand spanking new stack of canvases just aren’t doing it for me. Attacking it with a palette knife until the scrapes and scratches renew my strength and comfort me. And yeah, it usually involves a bird. One that’s flying over something I like to think of as water.

This painting is exactly who I am as a painter at this exact moment. It’s like releasing a deep breath.

Below are a few other of the paintings I’d consider my “signature style”:

IMG_4072 pelican painting by Denise Hopkins Pelican Painting by Denise Hopkins IMG_0663 unnamed-5 pelican painting


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