“Advent” 8×8, oil on gallery wrapped canvas, $100 Buy Now SOLD

Four days before Thanksgiving and the lights on the main road have been up for weeks now.  The last thing anyone needs is another Thanksgiving lament– how each year it is more and more overshadowed by Christmas.

And although the middle child in me does feel slightly bad for Thanksgiving (like it has feelings that are both real and valid), I love Christmas lights and santa hats. I love Christmas candles and trees, and I’m happy to see the lights so perfectly wrapped around the light posts.

I, too, have jumped the gun. Ever more interested in the madonna– the beautiful image of mother and child continues to speak to me. I don’t know what it is I’m working on figuring out, discovering, or just exploring, but I’ve never been so consumed by a single image.

This is one is on a wider canvas than I usually use and looks great unframed.IMG_3405


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